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Doula Services

I received my formal training through the Association for Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators (now known as ToLabor), but my additional training and expertise continues to grow with each birth that I'm privileged to attend.  I have been helping families since 2006 and have attended over 200 unique births.  I believe in listening to what each woman envisions for her experience, and my goal is to help her have the type of birth she desires.

Some of the Ways I Help Families 
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  • Answering questions or making suggestions for developing a birth plan/vision

  • Unlimited phone and email support prenatally; providing relevant referrals and resources

  • Providing encouragement and emotional support  

  • Supporting the decisions you make about your birth; helping you stay as close to possible to your birth preferences

  • Offering physical comfort measures, such as massage and gentle touch

  • Assisting with establishing breast feeding; on-call breast feeding support for the first two weeks after birth

  • A post-partum visit within two weeks of birth

"Do You Doula?"  Play this video to hear from real moms, dads, and health professionals about the benefits of doula services.

"We thought we wanted a doula, but we didn’t know how much we’d want a doula until we were actually at the hospital, in active labor.  The back massage and pressure were so helpful!  And you just can’t think of how many things there are to do until you actually have to do them; it was great having another support person there.  When we call Jeannie in a couple years for our next birth, it really won’t matter what her fee is…it’s worth every penny!"

              - Elizabeth and Jason

“Thank you doesn’t really seem like enough to say for your support during our birth.  I appreciate so much every word you said and just your presence alone.  With yours and Matthew’s support I was able to have a birth more amazing than I had even hoped for.  Thank you for your role in all of this!”

             -  Amanda and Matthew

Benefits of hiring a doula:
  • 50% decrease in c-sections

  • 25% decrease in length of labor

  • 30% decrease in use of forceps

  • 40% decrease in use of oxytocin

  • 60% decrease in use of epidurals

  • 30% decrease in use of pain medications (narcotics)

In addition, long-term benefits of labor support include:

Improved breast feeding

Decreased Postpartum Depression

Greater Maternal Satisfaction

Better Mother-Infant Interaction

Compiled from Mothering the Mother, by MH Klaus, JH Kennell, and PH Klaus, 2001

​Doulas do not:


  • Perform tasks such as taking blood pressure or monitoring cervical dilation.

  • Speak to medical staff on your behalf, however a doula can remind you of your birth preferences and help you and your partner phrase your concerns or desires to the staff.  

  • Make medical decisions for you.  

  • Pressure you to have a birth based on her idea of an "ideal"birth.  

  • A doula will not judge you for any birthing decisions you make, nor will she leave if your preferences or birth wishes change over the course of labor. 

  • Take over your partner's role. Dad is welcome and encouraged to be as involved as he feels comfortable.  Decisions about what role you would like a doula to play are discussed at the prenatal visit and sometimes interview.  

  • Take over your role as decision maker. It's a doula's job to support you, no matter how you give birth.

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